Our Services

Through continuous product sourcing, Easy Borders Pte. Ltd has been striving to provide the best resources and competitive price which comes from careful product selection suitable to work environment. Moreover,we take into consideration maximizing productivity, differentiated and detailed services, as well as shipment services.

The days ahead will require diversified and brand-new values. As a result, Easy Borders Pte. Ltd will focus on customer's feedback and accordingly, will therefore be evolved to challenge in order to create brand-new values based on our diversified experiment and pioneer spirit. Above all, we promise to keep our business custom that we will always be your friendly and sincere partner and promise to do our best so that we can grow together continuously.



We leverage longstanding relationships with our core carrier network to secure predictably priced space every month of the year. The result is a combination of highly competitive rates and the flexibility to tailor the process to your requirements – whether you need to ship standard container loads, oversized commodities or other cargo from Vietnam.

Quality Assurance

In collaboration with the world-leading providers of quality assurance and quality control services, we offer you unrivaled experience stretching across every industry. With state-of-the-art resources and expertise and a unique global network, we can provide you with QA/QC for every order made in Vietnam. As a result, we can help you assure quality of your products.


To ensure you gain full market access, your goods must comply with the requirements of your target market. Identifying and meeting those requirements is a complex challenge. Our consultancy services can help you understand and meet market demands anywhere in Vietnam, whatever your industry.
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